Socio-Economic Development Policy

Mi Tin Ban Phak Hmasawnna Chhekfakawm

Pu Zoramthanga



  1. Zoramthanga is thea son of Mr. Darphunga (L) and Vanhnuaichhingi. He was born on July 13, 1944 at Samthang Village in Mizoram. Of the five brothers and two sisters, he is the 2nd youngest.
  2. He got Primary education at Samthang, Middle School at South Khawbung, High School at Champhai and graduated from D.M. College in Imphal, Manipur with honours in English in 1966. Prepared himself for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and tried to be the first Mizo who pass I.A.S. Examination provisionally; he fill up all the forms and required documents. But Mizo Nationalism Movement and Declaration of Independence in March 1, 1966 induced him to join the movement and went underground in 1966.
  3. He was first oppointed as Asst. Secretary, and Area Secretary and later became Secretary to the President Mr. Laldenga at the age of 25. He accompanied Mr. Laldenga in all important meetings with world leaders like Premier Chou En Lai of China, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh, President Bhutto of Pakistan, etc.
  4. After the fall of East Pakistan in 1971, together with MNF President Mr. Laldenga they made a dare-devil James Bond like escape through Arakan vast forest and reached Karachi and Islamabad in 1972. From Pakistan he met the representatives of Indian Government for Peace Talk in different parts of the world. Mr. Zoramthanga was the main architect and most important instrument in the Peace Talk. During the Peace Talk, he was elected as the Vice President of MNF Party. Peace Talk ws at last concluded in June 30, 1986. In the ensuing interim arrangement, Zoramthanga was oppointed as Cabinet Minister in Mizoram Government.
  5. In the following elections Zoramthanga was consecutively elected fro 21 years from the same Champhai Constituency. He became Chief Minister of Mizoram for 10 years (1998-2008).
  6. After the death of Mr. Laldenga in 1990, he became the President of MNF Party till today. His service as a Peace Negotiator was intensely utilised by Indian Government in the North East India negotiations and by the Myanmar Government in its Political dialogue with its Underground Leaders.
  7. Zoramthanga married Roneihsangi in 1988. They are now living in Ramhlun Venglai of Aizawl with one son and one daughter. Email: [email protected]